Tangling on Dragon Tiles

Every time we tangle, our skills will be different. If you look at tiles you created just three months or even three weeks ago, you will see what I mean. Choose your own journey. Dragon Tiles exclude no one. Everyone gets to play.

If you’re new to Zentangle you can play with no fear of getting it wrong because, in truth, you cannot mess this up.

If you’ve mastered your private collection of go-to tangles, you may feel stuck with no clear path ahead. You can trust these tiles will untie the bindings.

If you’ve explored countless iterations of Zentangle, not only will the tiles intrigue you, but the strings themselves invite rethinking. And not in a way you might expect.

What You Get

Your package of dragon tiles (see photo below) contains eight tiles printed in grey-scale. There are four patterns in a set, you get two sets for a total of eight tiles.

The tiles are not computer generated but hand-drawn by me and my compass. The concentric rings align perfectly when set in a circle and also when they’re turned around. Like life, everything eventually lines up.

The tiles are printed on sturdy Strathmore Watercolor paper and hold color beautifully. The tiles don’t warp when watercolor is applied. They also take to colored pencil and graphite shading.

The string is soft grey, designed to support and then disappear into your design. They are beautifully packaged for your own personal use or ready for gift-giving.

No pens or other tools are included in your order. I encourage you to use what you have on hand rather than accumulate even more “things.”