Messing About As We Figure Out How To Be Human

This is one of my students, Karen. I didn’t expect to take this photo, it wasn’t staged. She was
looking at the tile she was creating and got distracted by the play of light on the walls. There’s
something I captured here that was so private, I was almost shy about taking the photo.

This is what creativity does for us in quiet moments. Zentangle is art without judgment or
comparison. It’s art that takes us someplace else. Zentangle is art where everyone plays,
everyone creates. It’s profound in its simplicity, It’s quick and easily learned. It’s fun.

There’s only one thing I ask. Allow yourself to be a beginner, to be playful. Allow yourself to
mess about and end up where you didn’t intend. Because that is the point of it.
So I’m curious. . . Where were you the last time you felt like Karen?

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